About Us

About Silloh Industries, Inc and what we do.

Silloh Industries, Inc was created to bring cost effective innovative analysis, strategy, research and business consulting to the business community.

We can help you identify and then market your Strategic Advantages, thereby creating a reason for customers to choose your company over your competitors.

We can help you and your company understand how to use Research and Innovative Analysis to create strategic actionable items that will help you understand your business, your market, your customer and your employees more than ever before.

Our niche is to help the business owner that has never performed Innovative Analysis, Strategy and Research and Scenario Planning, learn how and why these are critical to the future success of your business and then we help you and your team create strategies to improve your overall business opportunities.

We will also identify and help eliminate waste of time and money in any system or process. This is money that flows to the bottom line and allows you to more efficiently use your time and money on those things that drive revenue and profits.

Please email us today to start a conversation on how we can help you improve your business today.

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About Jack Hollis


Jack M Hollis is the owner and founder of Silloh Industries, Inc. and the Hollis Family Enterprises, he is also a Business Consultant & Coach.

He is also an Investor and General Manager of the Hollis family company Hollis & Sons, Inc.

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He was recently the Chairman and CEO of Hollis Technologies LLC, which was the franchisor of the $40 million 150 store, national retail computer chain, Computer Renaissance.

Jack owned and operated the Computer Renaissance franchise system from 2000 to 2007. At Hollis Technologies, Jack worked with individuals to create, maintain and grow their small retail business, by helping them operate a Computer Renaissance store. Before the purchase, Jack was the largest franchisee in the Computer Renaissance system, owning five stores in the Central Florida Market.

Prior to starting Hollis Technologies, Mr. Hollis served as head of Strategic Intelligence at Publix Super Markets, Inc. in Lakeland, Florida from 1996 to 1998.

Before working on Strategy at Publix, Jack started and managed the Marketing Research Department from 1988 to 1996.

While at Publix, Jack was responsible for:

  • assessing the business environment that Publix operated in,
  • developed a scenario planning model for looking at future strategic influences on the business,
  • reviewed Publix’ customer intimacy strategy,
  • recommended new strategies based on future scenarios,
  • assessed gaps in current operation versus new strategies,
  • helped write and implement a Continuous Improvement program company wide,
  • helped write and implement a new market entry process for the analysis and execution of entering geographic markets new to Publix.

Also while at Publix, Jack was responsible for help write and implement a Continuous Improvement program company wide, which resulted in millions of dollars of waste elimination from all areas of the company. He also help train Publix employees to eliminate waste in their own area.

As head of the Marketing Research Department at Publix, Jack worked on the Psychographic Segmentation model to identify the Strategic Consumer Segments of Publix along with all Qualitative and Quantitative consumer research projects.

Jack attended the University of Florida, Majoring in Psychology and also Majored in Art & Architecture at Manatee Junior College.

Jack has been a member of Vistage (TEC) Group 2060 in Tampa, FL.

Jack has been or is currently involved with the following community activities: GiveWell Community Foundation; Chamber of Commerce of Lakeland, FLChamber of Commerce of Lake Wales, FL; past Chairman of the Board of All Saints’ Academy; Leadership Lakeland Class XXLL; past Board of Directors United Way of Central Florida; past Board Member Imperial Polk Symphony; past Board Member Lakeland Family YMCA.